Prep for Playoffs

At 8-0, I believe I’ll make the playoffs. I was thinking of grabbing Malcolm Brown and stashing him. If Rams run the table and wrap up early, they may rest TG3 and let Brown play in Week 16. Plus, I think my biggest obstacle to winning the 'ship is the Gurley owner. If anything, it’s to keep him away from him. I think I’d be dropping Tre’quan Smith.

Good strategy?

Cousins and Mayfield
Bell, Connor, Kamara, Michel, and Mack
Julio, Smoke, Sammy, Courtland, and Tre’quan
Njoku and Engram


Great idea. Man, 8-0 must feel so good.

I’m 3-5 but still feel like I’ve got a roster which could win it.

How about trading away depth for handcuffs? I’m trading Sony and Tre’quan for Ingram and Smoke for Sanu? Though about Ridley but that owner probably wouldn’t.

I threw in Tre to seal the Ingram deal to make room for Malcolm. Hopefully the Gurely owner doesn’t notice what I’m doing.

End up with:
Cousins and Mayfield
Bell, Connor, Kamara, Ingram, Mack, and Brown
Julio, Sammy, Courtland, and Sanu
Njoku and Engram

Overthinking it or should be okay?