Preparing for no Josh Allen this week

Another positive test for the Titans…will have to make my first difficult drop decision. It would be Schultz but need him because of Fant being hurt. My 2 drop candidates are Damien Harris and Mark Ingram

RB Depth
David Johnson

I’m in the same boat as you. If I hadn’t just dropped AJ Green for Higgins, it would be easy. But I’m looking at dropping one of my 2 TEs, Graham or Logan Thomas.
Which QB were you gonna pick up?

Ended up swinging a 2 for 1 trade RoJo and Ingram for Josh Kelley. I think Kelley turns it around with easier Run D’s coming and it created a roster spot for me.

Picked up Bridgewater vs ATL, but am still considering

Herbert vs. Saints
Jimmy G. vs Miami
Cousins vs. Seattle

I like Bridgewater best of the bunch. He’s been able to throw yards it’s just getting into the endzone.

Herbert is exciting but I’m always leery of Monday nights in the SuperDome