Preping for the Playoffs

If you are sitting at 7-0 or 6-1 and feel confident you will make the playoffs who are you trying to trade for or pick up? What defenses are you looking at? Or do you just roll with who you already have?

Jacksonville defense… Pick them up now or trade a weak piece for them… They are on bye this week so easier to trade for.

I’m looking at WR that have good week 13-15 matchups.
I’m trading away just baseline pieces for high upside guys like doctson juju and Matthews.

Things like that

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Same here. I’m not really trading for defenses at this point though. But definitely trying to consolidate my bench and get high upside guys that could get a bigger role in the second half of the season.

I’ve been stacking up on guys like Corey Davis and Josh Doctson. Doctson might be on your waivers and could expand his role in the offense with Pryor being garbage. The Titans need receiver help and Davis is looking like he is getting healthy. Try targeting Keenan Allen too. He’s been inconsistent because his matchups have been bad but has a really good ROS schedule. I’m 7-0 and last week I traded AP/Fuller for Keenan/Corey Davis