Prescott and Hill value

I am new to fantasy football and somehow joined a 10 team 25 man roster superflexd dynasty league! With legit GMS.

I am trying to gauge the value of Dak Prescott and Tyreek Hill. Either individually or together.

What are the worth?

This question is really depends on how the team owners are in your league. In general, player values are mostly dependent on how others view them.

Hill is going as the WR1 (1.08 generally) in most dynasty start ups. If you are trying to acquire Hill, it will nearly impossible to get him without decimating your team/draft picks to get him. If you have Hill, I personally would not trade him.

Dak is a little lower in value to most players because of the injury. He will still cost quite a bit to acquire. If you have Dak, I would not trade him either.

Overall, you will need to gauge how your league mates value players.