Prescott Outlook

Other than than the 2 fumbles, he is playing better. Titans are giving up 2TD’s a game and Amari, although raw with the playbook, he could add some limited immediate production.

So playing better, added weapon, home game, 2 weeks prep I could see him delivering this week some decent numbers. And Jerry, you know he is going to want to see his new sports car do something this game.

Am I way off target with this thinking?

Anything could happen in football but I think 15% chance Cooper hits the ground running, avoid prescott if you can

I think he is worth a stash. your thinking is fine, just gotta see it if it plays out that way

Thanks. I don’t have many other options. Flacco is about it. My league hoards QB’s.

Prescott over flacco tho so if that’s your options go prescott

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