Preseason trade help!

Would you trade Keenan Allen for Michel and Kupp?

My WR: Keenan, Davante Adams,funchess,Sutton
My RB: cmc, Marlon Mack, breida, Jaylen Samuels

What’s your guys thoughts? Thanks!

My reaction: if Sony and Kupp stay healthy, and if Melvin Gordon’s holdout ends, this is a good deal for you, because you wouldn’t be losing as much at WR as you’d be gaining at RB.


It looks like there’s no sign of daylight in the Gordon holdout and Keenan could be even more of a focal point in that offense than he already is.

Reports on Kupp are good, but he IS coming back from a mid-season ACL tear, so don’t expect him to be exactly the same guy he was before he got taken down last year.

Sony’s durability is a serious question. His knee is always a ding or an awkward twist away from swelling up and requiring some babying.

I therefore stand pat. I think you’re actually taking on more risk than you want.