Preseason Trade offer

I got offered Julio Jones and Melvin Gordon for Antonio Brown and Davante Adams in one of my leagues? My other running backs are Mixon, Derrick Henry, and Jamaal Williams? Any advice?

That’s a bold trade.

Who are your other WRs other than AB and Adams?

Without any other information, I feel like I take the trade. I’m crazy about Julio and Melvin this year. AB is clearly better than Julio, but my projections I have Julio as a top 3 WR again. Melvin Gordon is an easy swap for me instead of having Adams.

Josh Gordon, Randall Cobb, John Ross, and Cameron Meredith…i went WR heavy lol but the addition of Melvin Gordon is appealing since i’m not sold on Derrick Henry. What do you think?

Yeah I would take that trade bud.

thanks man i appreciate it!

I would really try and find a way to keep Adams though. Instead attempt to move AB and Derrick Henry.

If I were you, I would really try and talk up AB to the guy you’re trading him to, while talking down Julio. Make it seem that the gap between AB and Julio is much bigger than it really is, that way you can maybe get it past him.

what about adams for melvin gordon straight up? I dont know why Adams is so high right now, i’m not sold on him but I get trade offers for him everyday. I feel like im lacking at the RB position though

If he’s dumb enough to make that trade, I’d move Adams for Melvin. I don’t understand that logic from his end, because I’m sure he could have just drafted Adams over Melvin, so not sure he’ll take that.

I think a lot of people expect Adams to fall in to that Jordy Nelson role that Rodgers had with him for so long. Adams did really well last year with Brett Hundley so using fantasy football math, they calculate that he’ll do even better with Rodgers this year now that Jordy’s gone.

I tend to think that his ceiling will be just that, Jordy Nelson.