Preseason trade?

Was offered antonio brown, chubb, and james conner for zeke and michale thomas.

Do you guys feel like this would be a good preseason trade?

I would take it. Especially with what is lurking around zeke.

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Do you have Pollard and what does the rest of your roster look like? Also standard or PPR? Personally I like it though. Chubb and Conner are both top talents at the RB position. AB is kind of a crap shoot though as we don’t know how his situation will play out so you may end up one WR less if he decides to blow a gasket again.

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I think I would not take this. It’s crazy tempting, but esp if this is dynasty, I’m happy hanging onto Zeke/MT for the long haul.

I was immediately going to say no way, but the more I think about it- yeah I’d take it.
Chubb’s gonna be great. Conner is going to get that goal line work and Brown…well lunatic or not, he’s still one of the best WRs- ever.

If it’s redraft, non keeper I take this deal.

Full PPR makes it close but if this is standard or 0.5 PPR you win the deal by a decent margin.

Only pause I have is I don’t know the rest of your roster but even then a two for three at that value take it asap. Worst case Brown loses it and burns you, you still have two solid RB1s. I doubt Brown does anything now though he has too much to prove after all the talk that he can do it with any team and QB.

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Yeah it’s full ppr and my other wr are Lockett, Watkins, Shepherd , and tyrell Williams.

RBs begins Zeke?

My rb are zeke, freeman (both Dante and Royce) , Jacobs, murray

In that case I’d take this for sure.

You have tons of RB depth. Get this done and the take two of those RBs maybe Freeman and Jacobs, a lower end WR and find a RB needy team with an upgrade for your WR2 slot.

Or target someone like Robert Woods, you would need to pay that much and likely be able to keep your RB depth close to the level you have. But for sure go and get a high end safe WR2, or PPR specialist.

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Thank you :+1::+1::+1:

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