Pretty proud of my draft what you guys think

Ya that’s a great roster. How many teams in the league?

This was a 10 team draft I had the 2nd pick

I think you killed it. you are mixing the upside of Hill with the Floor of Edelman. CMC, Jones and FOurnette is deadly, I think Fournette has a massive year.

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Appreciate it brotha I like him a lot this year too and this was the first draft I was able to get him while picking second. Oddly out of the 4 drafts I’ve done so far i have picked 2nd in 3 of them

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This is an insane draft. Great job.

One piece of advice, drop Ballage and get someone of actual value. Is Pollard available? Would snag him if possible. Don’t want 2 roster cloggers given you have AJ green.

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Yeah not big on AJG or Ballage but largely a good team.

Green i felt like taking him as late as I did was a no lose situation. Ballage there really just wasn’t anyone left trust me im pretty sure ill release him soon

So Jones fell to you in the 4th I assume? I am trying to guage his value as someone who will be drafting from the 1 in a 10 teamer. I know I will have to reach for guys a few times and am trying to determine who and when.

But overall deadly team. P.S. where did Cam go? toying with stacking him and cmc if i go for cmc #1

You mind sharing your draft order/where you picked each guy? I’ve got the 2nd pick in my 10-team Half PPR, so would love to see how this played out for you.

@hoesmadden @mattymc29

Heres the draft order

I wish you the very best of luck but, IMHO, I think that’s a pretty weak roster for a 10-team league. It’s not even in the ballpark of my 10-team league team roster.

@Jimmydafreak Screenshot your draft order would love to see it

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