Preying on the Weak

I’m in a 10 man, 4 keeper, full PPR league.

Looking to snag either Davante Adams or Leonard Fournette off a team, his next best keeper would be Marvin Jones or Sammy Watkins if Hull is gone for good so as I see it his team is ripe for the picking.

In my trade arsenal is…
Devonta Freeman
Kerryon Johnson
Jarvis Landry
Amari Cooper
Philip Lindsay
Marlon Mack
Mark Ingram
Carlos Hyde
Baker Mayfield (maybe?)

Is there any combination of those players that would get you to part with either Adams or Fournette knowing your situation is desperate? I’d prefer Adams as I don’t really have a true WR1, but I think both would be an upgrade to my team.

I’d keep Kerryon no matter what because I think he’ll be a low end RB1 with high end weeks. Beyond that, its a tough sell because people normally like getting the best player in the deal; but, if you can swing it, I think combining Cooper or Landry with Freeman or Lindsay could get Adams. If I had Adams, I wouldn’t do it because I always want the best guy in the deal; but, he’s desperate so it could work.
Other than that, whichever RB from the above 2 you don’t trade, you should be able to pair one of them with and Ingram to go get Fournette. Personally, I think Fournette and Freeman have similar years and both have injury concerns; but, if Fournette is your guy, go get him.
To recap:
Cooper or Landry and Freeman or Lindsay for Adams
Then either Freeman or Lindsay with Ingram for Fournette

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I’m pretty set on Kerryon and Freeman as 2 of my keepers as well. I’m going after Adams… Sent Lindsay, Landry, and Ingram his way, with hopes Ingram sets the deal over the top. I’ll update this thread when/if I get a response

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