Priority 1 for Sutto?

My league still utilizes the old school waiver order and I have the #1 priority which I have been saving for a bit time RB injury, however I am a bit needy in WR depth. Should I use it to pick up Sutton? Is it worth it

He has potential WR2 weekly upside ROS. Yes, absolutely, if you need a WR. Get him.

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I only worry about the QB situation

Don’t overthink. Given you have top waiver priority, you need him badly.

I am 5th in mine so i am lining up a few options
i have Sutton, David Moore (already have panthers pass catchers so no DJ)

So to @cbarragan2 definetely go after sutton.

to others i want to line up at least one more claim. Do you think Lafell has a repeat week?
or would you go Valdez-Scantly?

Actually ranked third, just never use my waiver since I was saving it for a big pickup. Only reason I need a replacement is because Golden Tate value diminished with the trade and Keke just goes back to a flex option now that DT joined Texans.

My WR: Adam thieland, Keke, Golden Tate, Jordy Nelson and Trequan Smith