Priority claim order?

Albert Wilson, Kirk, Gabriel, Chester Rogers, Snead. Got claims in on all of them for Keelan. Just wanting to double-check on thoughts here before finalizing my order. Any and all feedback tremendously appreciated here!!!

LOL…WOW…did anybody else lose this page? Kept getting ERROR notice and couldn’t get back.

Yeah, youtube went down at the same time as well. Weird.

Thanks @BLumsden09. Yeah…that was REALLY WEIRD!!!
The Ballers site was up, but no community connection!!! That was NUTS

So…any thoughts on my OP @BLumsden09? Can understand completely if you don’t…just thought that you might since you clicked on my post.

Ok…gonna re-post this since apparently Yahoo went down as I clicked to post this.

I would say it depends on your roster. I personally haven’t done my waivers yet. However, guys like Kirk, Snead, and Rodgers (if Hilton is out) seem to be guys you can count on for 10+ points in your flex. On the other hand Wilson seems to be pretty hit or miss but the talent is there and it seems they would like to get him the ball more. Gabriel has been a good deep threat for that offense these past 2 games and I would definitely pick him up for next week’s game against NE.

So order for me would be: Gabriel, Kirk, Wilson, Snead, Rodgers

THANKS A MIL my friend. I currently had them: Kirk, Snead, Wilson, Gabriel, Rogers. So other than Snead I wasn’t too far off on your thoughts!!! Just switch Gabriel and Snead and we’d be on the same page. Good food for thought!!! Well…LOL…pretty close anyway!!! AGAIN…THANKS for sticking with me here!!!