Pristine Auction?

anyone get anything good of Pristine Auction ?

Iv been trolling on there daily and did pick up a couple things.

Tyreek HIll signed helmet
Randall Cobb signed jersey
and a
Jay Ajayi signed jersey

iv had to stop i could get myself in trouble bidding on crap

I always get outbid at the last minute,bit I am also hoping to get things really cheap and not setting my max very high.

Was trying to get a Bobby Hull signed jersey (hall of fame hockey player) for my dad. Had top bid at $47.i had a hockey game to play 15 min before auction ended, when I got off the ice it had gone up to $52 and I lost.

I went on once, Walked away with a Ty Montgomery Signed Packers Ball, got a Todd Gurley Signed Jersey however the prize was a Vince Papale Signed Eagles Jersey with Invisible written on it… definitely had to spend a bit to win that one thought!

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Love pristine auction.

nice i bid on one myself :slight_smile:

was a helmet though.

Vince ! FTW

I had to stop going on there cuz I was buying too much stuff. I got a Melvin Gordon jersey for like $90, and a second one for like $80 (bid on 2 separate after i kept losing and won them both but a friend bought one). Michael Vick Jersey for $95, Duke Johnson for $60, and Brett Favre for $150.

My 2 cents would be they can be decent deals, but you get a 13% or 16% (i can’t remember) charge on your winning bid price so $45 is actually $51ish. Then you pay $12 shipping (luckily you can combine for $2 per extra item so if you’re going on there your best bet is to get at least 2 items. The other issue is the quality is debatable. My gordon jersey was blatantly not a real NFL jersey but at least had good quality to it. The Favre Jersey on the other hand felt like it would have cost about $5 at k-mart. While I just framed them, the subpar quality on the second jersey was disappointing.

Yea i hear you… I had to stop going on cause i just kept bidding on shit

I did get some good prices though. Stuff that is on ebay for over 150$

Cobb Jersey was $41.24
Tyreek Hill mini helmet was $48.71
Ajayi Jersey was $48.72

add “Buyer’s premium” to that 15% tack on

In my case still worked out well but I can see how things can look better than expected after adding 12$ shipping and the mark up