Probably a no, but

A guy in my league is offering me Jalen Richard, Aaron Rodgers, and Keenan Allen for Zeke. I already lost Freeman and my other backs are Kerryon, Lindsay, A. Collins, and Clement. For receivers, I have Diggs, Tate, Godwin, and J. Gordon.

I am assuming this is probably a no-go, but it’s always good to gather second opinions

Just send lol as a reply

That is a definite no…
He is trying to package some guy he just got off of waivers (Richard) for your top RB and a top 5 overall RB…Keep Zeke

Thanks guys for the reassurance. He has McCaffrey and Barkley, so maybe I can counter with one of those guys. That seems more reasonable, even though McCaffrey would probably easier to give up for him than Barkley/Quads