Probably overthinking my keeper, but looking for advice

Snake Draft
#9 pick
I can keep one:
Antonio Brown with the #9 overall pick (1-09)
Kareem Hunt with my second round pick (2-04)
Alvin Kamara with my 12th round pick (12-04)

Kamara seems like the obvious choice, which is why I think I’m over thinking it, but AB that late in rnd 1 seems like it could also be a solid option.

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all three are currently 1st round ADPs. AB being the elite talent, kareem the workhorse back, and kamara the “jamaal charles” of the group. i would love to have any of them on my team, in any round. so kamara in the 12th, with that EXTREME value, hands down. i get the FFB freeze though. sometimes we look at what we have and second guess it. like staring at AB and going man… am i really going to give him up? but if you think about it, its almost like looking at gurley and bell, and gurley is in the 10th round, and bell is in the 2nd. there aint a chance of you picking bell over gurley in that situation, but there will be that hesitation.

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Kamara. Not even close. As much as I love AB, that is a value of about 4-5 spots. With Kamara, you’re literally getting a top 10 pick in the 12 round. With your 9th overall pick, you can probably go and get another stud RB or WR of your choosing.

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Thanks for the input! You nailed it with the FFB freeze, but yeah Kamara in the 12th is just mountains of value trade off higher than AB.

Thanks! Yeah, like I said, just overthinking it. The value trade off is mountains different.