Probably the best roster I have ever had

So we run a $100 league that has been going since 2002 on Yahoo with a live draft w/draft board… I have won only 4 years, but I am usually in contention. It’s a keeper league where you can keep one player of any choice as your first round pick and one player that is a rookie that will be your last round pick. Well I had CMC as my main, and you guessed it… Lamar Jackson as my rookie. But, it doesn’t end there… look at this damn roster. 6 point QB scoring , 2 flex, 1 super flex and full PPR.

QB - Lamar Jackson
RB - Carson
WR - Michael Thomas
WR - Allen Robinson
TE - Ertz
Flex - Landry
Flex - A.J. Brown
S Flex - Wentz
DEF - Pittsburgh
Bench - Mixon, Parker, Andrews, Slayton


Sad I will have to let CMC go next year but its a good problem to have… Lamar is staying on my team, I don’t even care about the injury concern.

Nice team…if you lose your 1st round pick for keeping CMC, I’d stick with Lamar to.

No my first round pick will be CMC or Lamar, I can choose either of them… the reason why I have both now is because CMC was my main going into the year and Lamar was my last round rookie keeper. My last round rookie keeper next year will probably be A.J. Brown.

Never thought I’d be letting CMC go so soon… but Lamar will be the first pick off the board next year in most leagues… mine especially with 6 points to QB passing and since QBs are so scarce.