Problem: I HAVE to pick up Doug Martin

Lots of RB needy teams, and Doug Martin is the only guy left standing on the wire. Both of my main RBs are on bye next week, leaving me with only Aaron Jones, and I need a win. Who do I drop for Doug Martin?

QB: Winston
RBs: Barkley, DJ, Jones
WRs: Boyd, Baldwin, Crabtree, Robinson, Allison
TEs: Gronk, Howard

Would I be crazy to drop Robinson? He isn’t getting targets, is injured, and has a bad ROS schedule.

Drop a defense

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Yeah, you dont need two.

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Agreed on dropping a defense!

I’m assuming you got NE to stream this week and intend to hold MIN rest of season?

If that’s not the thing you want to do then look at someone who’s TE needy. Package with Robinson. And trade for a RB.

I would want to keep NE up until their BYE, they have more favorable match ups

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Drop a D on that b****