Professional Dynasty League Start Up

(Disclaimer: This league is purely for Fantasy Football players that like to take fantasy football to the extreme! This is our attempt of putting together a Dynasty league made up of committed Players.)

12 Team Dynasty
$100-$150 yearly entree
Full PPR
SLEEPER platform
1-QB 2-RB 3-WR 1-TE 1-Flex 1-SuperFlex 1-DL 1-LB 1-DB 13-Bench 3-IR 5-Taxi
2 Conferences/ 6 Team Playoff

Democracy!! Decisions will be made as a league!

The League will be split into 2 Conferences, each governed by its own commissioner. League will be trade based, winner take all, Battle of the two conferences. Betting amongst conferences/teams is encouraged!

Application Process

  • Create and send a Fantasy Football resume of your making to the email below. Include things like fantasy achievements, Stories, punishments, extreme moments, why you should be selected, ect ect. Make it professional, unprofessional, funny, serious… Its your making. But the Goal is to stick out from the others and prove that you have what it takes!!

  • From the applications, a select Few will be chosen for a zoom interview with the two commissioners who will then draft from the applicants who they want to join their conference.

Email: []

Bring on the Best of the Best!!