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Projection v ranking


can anyone explain how some players rank lower, though projected higher points, than others??


Ranking is by projected points. You are probably mixing up ADP. A lot of the mock draft sites list players in order of ADP. Their projected points are different because they rank the players differently than the drafters do.

ADP can be skewed by Dynasty drafters.


a couple of examples: gurley is ranked 11th best rb and projected to score 173. at 12 is fournette projected at 166. at 13 you have crowell projected at 174.

i understand the point difference between the 3 isn’t much. way more disparity on other sites (esp. paul perkins…noticed during a mock).


It can be affected by risk and consistency. For example, you might find someone like Brandin Cooks lower in rankings because he’s a boom/bust guy, so even though he will be a top 20 guy at the end of the season you won’t know whether to start him week to week.


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