Prop trade... Yes or no

I should reject this trade in our dynasty league right? I know I’m rb heavy but still. If I were to counter with adding draft picks, what round would be a good target? Here’s my team.

He is offering me Gallup for Robinson

Nope. Not even in a dynasty league. Gallop will be demoted to the WR3 for Dallas sooner than later and Robinson is making a case for himself to remain Jax’s every-down back for years. He looks like the real deal. I consider him a “poor man’s CEH,” although that isn’t even quite fair and I only call him that because he’s on the Jags.

In Dynasty I take the Gallup side 100 out of 100 times. Dude is a stud.

James Robinson is a flash in the pan (not even that flash, maybe splash?)

But redraft, on a RB needy team - I’d make the deal.

Do I counter with an added 3rd round amd see of he bites?

If you’re in the mix/hunt to win this year, hold Robinson. No such thing as RB heavy in a COVID year. If you’re building for the future, I like getting Gallup. Who cares about a 3rd rnd pick unless you plan to package and flip for an upgrade to a 1st or 2nd.

why are people quick to call Robinson a flash in the pan. he’s been great each game. had a great camp. what’s to say he can’t be the next breakout?

I would suggest he’s been good to average and not great.

Buoyed by 3 TDs so far while there are no other useable RB on the team. Chark has struggled over the first few weeks and I think there is only so much bandwidth for production in the offence. With Chark picking back up, I expect a direct result in less production for Robinson. Fournette’s game scripts last year is a template of what I might expect.

Especially in Dynasty I would be selling high on this player for assets you can use now as a contender or future picks as a rebuild.

However, I respect the player and enjoy his undrafted story.

To be honest, I had turned down the trade as I had a gut feeling about things. Unluckily for me, eckler went down this week and Gallup didn’t show up this week. I know fantasy is week to week of unexpectives, but hope it ends up working out, he stays hot for a bit and can sell later for more.