Properly Using The Tiers

I’ve been looking at all the tiered rankings in the UDK whenever I mock draft. However, I am still a bit lost as to which tiers to target. For example: if I have the option in round 4 between a Tier 2 RB, Tier 2 WR, or Tier 1 QB, how do I decide which tier to pick from? Is there anywhere in the UDK this is already broken down?

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The thing with tier drafting is you take the positions you need so in round 4, what do you think your team needs most taking in mind the value of whats left to draft from…be familiar with ADP so you know your not reaching 3 rounds for someone. Also its very important to know the league youre drafting with. If you know there tendencies it will help you with your decisions.


The thing with tiers to keep in mind, all players in the same tier are considered equivalent.

That being said, the next thing to consider is positional scarcity. Just because a Tier 1 QB is available in round 4, doesn’t mean that’s what you should take there. Unless you are going two QB, waiting till later on and picking up a QB as a tier you don’t want to drop below starts to run thin on players would be the key to picking up a QB.

You are going to know what works best for your league settings and tendencies, and all the tiers should be doing is allowing you to track interchangeable players for those positions.

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Just in case you haven’t seen this article up on our site, check it out-

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I have read that article, but it still doesn’t answer the question of when does a Tier 1 QB (or TE) make sense. The author states that a Tier 1 QB is the equivalent of a Tier 3 WR or a Tier 4 RB. How do you know that? And what Tier RB is the equivalent of a Tier 3 TE?

I look at it as a way to see who I can wait on. For example, lets say there’s one guy left in WR tier 2 and 5 guys in RB tier 2. If I think I can wait and get one of those tier 2 RBs in the following round, I’ll pick the WR now - even if the top RB is ranked a little higher than the WR.

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The UDK has a top 200 ranking which includes all offensive positions, you can use that as your guide.

tiers arent necessarily meant to compare positions. if youre tier drafting you know what your team needs are and with that said you would then pick from the highest tier available for the position youre looking for.

if you your plan is to draft best player available your better off looking at the top200 rather than a cheatsheet/tier ranking

Thanks for the feedback.

Like Mike says. TE’s are gross right now. The reason the author says that a tier one QB is equivalent to a tier 3 or 4 RB is position scarcity. The drop-off from QB-1 to QB-15 is not as big as the difference in RB point totals. RB’s are injured/bust at a much higher rate, so drafting depth at that position is more valuable than a QB that scores 4 points a game more than the QB-10. When you account for factors like a Brees/Rothlesburger type home vs away splits (Boom/Bust QB), or Rodgers/Brady playing in possible snow games during the fantasy playoffs, you can see the reasoning behind using your draft capital on the few bell-cow RB’s at the top of the draft and hunting for value in the mid rounds for QB, TE, and WR. The injury risk with the only TE to own puts him in the late second or third for me…and then maybe a guy like Reed or Kelce if they fall to the 5-6 range.