Proposed trade keeper league

What do you think I should do with this trade proposal?

5 keepers and I currently have too many so I would have to cut a few.

I trade away : Ertz, Baldwin and McKinnon

I receive : Antonio Brown

My keepers then are : Mixon, Collins, AB, Hopkins and Diggs.


Is it a PPR or Standard league?

It is standard scoring.

My keepers without the trade would most likely be Hopkins/Baldwin/Diggs/Mixon/McKinnon

Essentially I’m swapping out McKinnon and Baldwin for AB and Alex Collins.

If your going for the win this year I absolutely love the trade.

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Okay yeah that makes more sense. Its a lot of receptions your giving away but not necessarily fantasy points. Seems like your giving a way a lot but I mean since you have too many keepers anyways I would be okay with that since your getting the clear cut #1 player at WR.

Tough to beat a WR core of AB, Hopkins, and Diggs. Your RBs are not terrible either But I would go into the draft trying to get a bunch of those rookie RBs hoping for 1 to hit.

Do you know what the draft order is?

Yes, I draft 11th out of 12 so all the rookie RBs will probably be gone except for Kerryon and Nick Chubb I’m thinking.

At the 11th pick in my mocks for this league, I’ve often ended up with Russell Wilson, Dion Lewis, golden gate, Chris hogan, etc.

Then I’ve tried to later snag kerryon , Jamaal Williams and Aaron jones, D’onta Foreman hoping that one of them hits and gives me more options. Seems like there are a lot more late WRs I’m happy with so I go RB heavy to open the draft.

I usually wait on QB until late unless I snag Wilson (one of the guys I also can’t keep) as I fee he’s a solid value at the back of the 6th round essentially.

I mean… with the other WRs you have there you don’ NEED to… but I probably would. But see what everyone else says, too.