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Proposed trade


I’m in a standard scoring league, a mate offered to trade me Aj Green for Devonta Freeman who is my RB1.

My other RB’s: Ty Montgomery, Tevin Coleman, Matt Forte, Chris Tompson, and Chris Johnson.

My WR’s: Doug Baldwin, Davante Adams, Randall Cobb, Rishard Matthews, Marquis Lee, and Tyler Lockett.

YES or N0?


I like it just to add some more team variety to your WR corps. And, the bengals have to get there act together at some point this season, right? Hopeful thinking, I’m a Green owner as well


Not bad but God forbid Ty goes down you’d be in big trouble. I’d ask for a decent RB along with Green if I were you to cover you on the depth end of things.


I say bad idea. There is not much upside for you in that offer. He should never really outscore D Free


I love AJ Green, but you gotta get an RB back in the deal as well because if Montgomery goes down, RIP.


Yeeeep…any thoughts on my trade in the “Am I Crazy (Dynasty)” thread? lol I need help!