Proposing a trade with 1-4 Kamara owner

I’m 2-3 so I feel I have some room to adjust my roster and help the Kamara owner win this week. What is a good trade proposal that could net me Kamara on his BYE week or do I go for someone else?

My Roster:

QB: Ryan, Winston
RB: Barkley, Gordon, Conner, Michel
WR: Evans, Kupp, Enunwa, Ridley, Taylor, Rodgers
TE: Brate

Other owner:

QB: Rodgers, Brees
RB: Kamara, Peterson, Fournette, Clement
WR: Hill, Cooks, Fuller, Funchess, Dorsett, Shepard
TE: Olsen

Don’t usually tag people in posts but I’d like some ideas from @falcones404 and @MikeMeUpp on if to pursue this trade opportunity or sit tight.

I would try Conner and Michel

I don’t think the guy would be willing to do that with Conner having an expiration soon. I doubt he’s that desperate.

I’m not sure if your roster has the depth to go after a piece like Kamara without hurting yourself too much.

You could potentially try and start with Michel + Kupp for Kamara. It’s probably too low but if he’s desperate for a win, it might get the convo started and maybe he’s one of the guys who’s panicking. And it’s not an insulting low ball either. Its a low RB1 and a high WR2 for a top 5 RB and would definitely help his team a lot for this coming week. In reality, would probably take something like Michel + Evans for Kamara + depth piece back. Maybe someone like a Clement or Shepard.

You should also try targeting fuller or cooks. Both coming back from a quiet week. Maybe like a conner + ridley gets it done.

I have Kamara and was offered David Johnson. Should I take it or see what I can get or keep Kamara?

Do not take that lol. Kamara > DJ by a wide margin.