Proposing Trade for Gronk

1/2ppr Trading away T.Y. Hilton & Matt Breida for Gronkowski.
Yay? Nay?

Their roster:
QB: Brady, Roethlisberger
WR: K. Still, K. Cole, M. Crabtree, C. Hogan
RB: L. Bell, J. Conner, D. Freeman, T. Coleman, P. Barber, J. Williams,
TE: Gronk

If they don’t need a tight end and need a rb2 and wr2 then they could be tempted. As a gronk owner in most of my leagues,I’m looking for an elite talent to replace him. Locked in starters like diggs obj Allen Adams plus a rb2/3 or tight end to replace him.

Couldn’t imagine the Gronk owner accepting that but I’ve seen crazier things

If they need a RB then this deal looks okay, but it would be more appealing if you offered your TE instead of WR or if he needed a WR then WR/TE instead. It makes it less painful and less hassle for them when you give them a lower replacement effectively.

Good Point. Swapping TE’s is fair and considerate.