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Protocol for when a owner forgets to set lineup

Played against an owner who had a qb on bye and picked up Kyle Allen. But he was on the bench when the game started. Then half way thru the commish put in him in the lineup. Is that fair? Or should the owner be responsible and take the L

Should be on the owner.

Did be win ?

He ended up winning yeah.

That is Bullshit

He should take the L and if he does it again kicked from the league entirely.

Was Kyle Allen the reason behind him winning?

Either way, that is some BS. Unless they can prove that the owner of Allen:

A) Had a reason that kept him from being able to set his lineup (camping with no service, etc)
B) Made arrangements with commissioner prior to Sunday that commissioner would put Kyle Allen in for him

Then this is a bunch of crap. Not a league I’d want to be in that is for sure.

Are there bylaws?

If so, do the bylaws allow the commish to take that action? Yes - then conversation over. Ask to vote on changing this in the off-season.

If no bylaws, commish can’t do squat. Ask to reverse or ask commish to resign or quit league and find a better one with an actual Commissioner.

So He won by 15.3 points and Kyle Alen scored 17.4 so he def would have lost if he didn’t have him in. I mean obviously he meant to play him I know he had the intention, but there was no note to the commish and no other reason why he didn’t start him. Negligence. Commish said he wasn’t “going to punish an owner because he obviously meant to play him”

From my perspective the scoring outcome doesn’t matter.

Unless these is a mechanism to do so the commish cannot just make changes because “…”


Life is funny. I’m a commish too.

This occurred within seconds of my last post.

Yeah I mean I don’t want to be a complainer but it seems not right…we’ve been in the league for 6 years. Just set your lineup every sunday morning/saturday night for london games it’s not that hard. I will vote to make new bylaws for that.

Exceptions can be made in some cases, but it’s ultimately on the owner to be responsible for the lineup. Period. It’s a core part of the game, I don’t think there ever needs to be a rule that states that.

Football players can’t plead with the ref to stop the clock inside two minutes because they forgot to get out of bounds…

yeah, that is called blatant, egregious cheating.