Pryor and Snead Dropped!

So a team has thrown Snead and Pryor into the waiver wire.

My wrs are Evans baldwin theilen Cooper Fitzgerald and m. Bryant

Do I make a move for Pryor or Snead post their bye weeks for someone like Bryant?

0.5PPR 8man

I wouldnt drop any of your guys for snead in 8 man… he kinda got blown out of proportion this preseason… hes nothing more than a WR3 with WR2 upside… that being said Id toy with dropping someone for Pryor bc of the upside that could come with him getting his shit together… idk though bc Bryant has upside too if ben quits crying about how bad he is.


Well… it’s an 8-man, so you’re pretty stacked and more than likely, you’ll never be forced to play either of these guys you might pick up.

That being said - I just made a trade to get Pryor. I know that he hasn’t shown much and I know that the Redskins like to spread the ball around, but I’m hopeful that the combination of Kirk starting to heat up plus the bye giving him and Pryor a chance to continue building chemistry will result in Pryor living up to more of his potential. The Washington offense “runs through Jordan Reed,” but when he’s injured half the season… they’re going to have to find some other pass-catchers.

Pryor is also on a one-year “prove it” deal, so he should be motivated to show off his talents.

If it were me, I’d drop Bryant for Pryor and see if he can turn into a solid WR2. You’re already pretty set at WR and can afford to let someone develop on your bench.


Yeah, @Cwolf908 has a good point… we know what Bryant is… even if he gets going itll be boom/bust… pryor still has the lure of the unknown with his upside… and youre stacked enough bryant will prob never be a weekly start for you… its a tough call but id be okay dropping bryant for Pryor.

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I think I’ll do that (drop Bryant for pryor) and probably toy with the idea of playing him this week as well as Baldwin is on bye over theilen or fitz in wr2. Plus the novelty of playing against the owner who dropped him this week too…

Thanks for the input :slight_smile: