Pryor for Cooper?

The amari Cooper owner is not happy in my league…

I am super deep at WR (Brown, Evans, Diggs, Garcon, Pryor)

Is it worth trying to get Cooper and offer Pryor?.. Or should I hold onto Pryor and hope for the best?

Pryor’s playoff schedule looks good to me. I like him better than Cooper

Yeah thats how I looked at it too… I just wasnt sure if I should take a flyer on Cooper or not… Cause im not gonna play Pryor very much if at all lol

I actually just made this trade yesterday. Cooper plays the chargers this week. If he is going to turn it around now is the week.
Either way they are on my bench but if cooper gets hot his trade value is more than Pryors could ever be.

Pryor has the talent to put up giant weeks too. Its about the timing of those weeks. Since you’re stacked at WR though, I think you should find someone in your league that values Pryor and move him for a good RB if you can.

Im doing pretty good at RB too…

Gurley, Gordon, Montgomery, Arron Jones, Martin, Duke Johnson

This has to be a keeper league or a 4 team league. How do you get A. Brown, Mike Evans, Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon?

12 team 2x QB half point PPR league… I traded Mariota for Jordy Nelson after week 1 and then flipped him for Brown the next day … I drafted Gurley in 3rd round and I had 12th pick so i grabbed Gordon and Evans round 1 and 2… the guy with 1st pick in our pool drafted Brady 1st overall hahaha

I’m holding on to Pryor.

Gordon & Evans 12th & 13th? Who went 1-11? Mariota for Jordy? How’d the league allow that? Props to you I guess.

We dont veto trades in our league…

This is how the 1st round went in that draft… Its a 6point TD league too with bonus points for certain achievements so QBs score a lot…

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Cool, Mariota for Jordy is absurd no matter what scoring system there is.

Tom brady lol

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