Pryor for Hyde

Hey Footclan,

I have a unique situation this year. I have too many good running backs. I was thinking of buying low on Pryor for Carlos Hyde, while he’s still healthy. What’re your thoughts on this? Here are our two teams. I’m interested to hear if you have clever package trade ideas.

Thank you for any help!

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Honestly if I were you, I would go for a bigger trade with those backs. You have two legit RB1s, a borderline RB1 in Monty, and a few RB2s. I would target someone who has bad RBs and try and package Monty/Parker, Monty/Hill, or Monty/Crabtree for a stud WR. I’m talking for an OBJ, Brown, Evans, Julio. You have alot of depth on your team, and that’s nice to have. However, you can only play so many players at one time. You might be able to get a small depth piece back in that trade too.


Trading for Pryor is a waste of a back in my opinion. Pryor might play a few times in a pinch for you, but who knows


Don’t do it for prior…you can grab someone way better.

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100% agree with swissarmyaccountant.

That roster will do nasty, nasty things to your opponents.

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That’s super helpful advice, thank you guys so much!