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Pryor vs Crabtree


Full PPR scoring. Who would you rather have.


Crabtree. Less risk than Pryor. He’s in a new system, and any of the three Redskins receivers could be the guy on the day, and the year.

Crabtree was the WR12 last season, and will likely be a top WR20 again. Pryor could be a top 15 but he could finish as a top 30, just depends on who gets the balls in Washington.


I agree. With just a straight up which one scenario, it’s crabtree. Consistent points and no questioning his role. We know what we get.


I agree, just taking Crabtree feels so boring


Yeah i love the upside of pryor but with that 3rd/4th/5th round pick wherever youre looking at these guys im going crabtree. In the UDK crabtree is a whole tier above pryor and i tend to go toward consistency rather than risky with upside.


Hey your picks dont have to be exciting to win. They just have to be good lol. Don’t get me wrong, i think pryor has crazy upside, crabtree is just so sneaky consistent. He ended up as wr 13 last year in ppr. And he is going in the 4th round as wr 22.


Frank Gore has won me two titles over the past 5 years. He isn’t sexy, but he gets the job done every week.

Take Crabapple.


I trust Crabtree.

Not exciting but the safe play.


Assuming that Carr is back to last year’s form, I’d go Crabtree. Can’t see Pryor getting enough targets this year.


The full PPR gives me pause, but I’ll still go wth Crabtree based on consistency and QB play. Top CBs have to cover Cooper on the Raiders, so Crabtree generally draws less attention, which can lead to more targets. Pryor is moving to a new system and may not get the target level to make him a true value pick for PPR.

I’d also wait and see how both look during camps and preseason games. I know preseason shouldn’t be used as a true “This is how they will perform during the season” look, but it’s a decent indicator of where they are from a fitness level, eye test, and game simulation.