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Pryor was dropped - half ppr


Should I pick up Pryor? I have $52 out of $100 left. How much should I spend to pick him up?

My WRs: Jordy, Demaryius, Garcon, Kelvin B, and JJ Nelson


I would def snag pryor for depth. His role in the Washington offense will grow…give it time while he sorts it out!

I’d spend around 15-17 of a FAAB budget.


Snag him up man


Would you also spend $17-20 for him?


I prbly would if you are comfortable with your RB depth…he puts your WRs over the top…he’s faced 2 good Defenses on a new offense. He is going to get better as they become more familiar


Thanks. Well I’d have to drop one of my RBs for him, most likely Kelley. But you’re right, I’d be more solid at WR.

Here’s my depth:

RBs: Gurley, McCoy, Hunt, Abdullah, Mixon, Carson and Kelley

WRs: Jordy, Garcon, Demaryius, JJ Nelson and Kelvin B