PSA: Buy Keenan Allen

So I’ve been a big proponent of buying Keenan Allen all year. He’s been somewhat disappointing up until now but if you’re in a dynasty league or in a league that still allows you to trade this late into the season, do yourselves a favor and buy as much Keenan Allen as you can to make the playoff push.

With Gordon being out, many people will be flocking to pay up for Ekeler. In my opinion, the biggest benefactor of the Gordon injury will be keenan Allen. Gordon was averaging about 5-6 targets a game, many of which were taken on the short routes which is where Allen operates.

I think that Allen will be making his trademark late season push just in time for the playoffs again which will drive him from his current ranking as a WR2 to a top 6-8 WR ROS. This dude is going to carry people into the championships. I’m happy i got in on this train early.


Yup, I bought in on him where I could on his bye week. Excited to have him. Even though I also have Ekeler.

Im so happy i traded for him weeks ago.

Welcome to the Keenan Allen show. Like I said, with Gordon resting, dude is going to eat.

Drafted him in both of my leagues and never traded him away and held strong. He gave me my reward in one league by winning this weeks game which secured my playoff berth!

I bought Allen and OBJ early on when everyone was down on them. I was like one and five then. I lost my first matchup with them, but now I’m on a five game winning streak, locked up a playoff bid last week and am the second highest scoring team in the league.

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