PSA to Adam Gase - Unleash the Beast that is Kenyan Drake

As a Drake supporter this off season, this has been one of the most frustrating situations I’ve ever seen develop. It is just incredibly frustrating and mind boggling that he is not allowing his teams best offensive player make plays for him. Watch this play from week 5 where Drake absolutely flattens a blitzing LB off the edge and then proceeds to catch and make a cut at the 2nd level at top speed that only 2 or 3 RBs in the league are capable of making.

Nothing tilts me more than wasted talent in the NFL…

I have him and it’s so painful, I’m keeping him on the bench until I can see some better usage.

Yeah you can’t start him. I’m still willing to buy drake on the cheap on the off chance gase stops being a moron and Drake goes on the late season tear he did last year.

Can you copy Coach Vance on this?

Yeah you know that guy isn’t watching film cause anyone who watches film would not be playing Booker. Literally makes no sense.

I will say, neither Lindsay or Royce can make the cut Drake just did. It was just so…dank…

If you take drake out and put him on 49ers, I would be willing to take him in the 2nd round.

I’m thinking of offerring Alfred Morris to the Drake owner (who is 1-4 and could use the win) and stashing Drake on my bench… is this a good idea?

I also saw this morning someone dropped Aaron Jones in my league and now he’s on my waivers.

I have Breida so I was thinking Morris could be a good hold right now; but since I have the depth to not start Morris eitherway, I’m thinking of stashing one of those two other guys instead.

Thoughts on what I should do? Maybe I should start a new thread lol

What’s ur take on buck Allen… personally I hate the guy and don’t want anything to do with that backfield but he’s made his way to my team thought about actually trying for drake straight up.

Yes. If you don’t need Morris to play for you in these next 1-2 weeks, Drake has way more upside than Morris.

Pick him up immediately. I’d drop morris in a heart beat for jones.

No need owning Breida and Morris. Pick a horse and go with it.

Suck Allen has zero talent. But for whatever reason, Ravens keep using him in a near even time split with Collins and he does most of the receiving work. He is a fine match up based flex play for as long as Dixon remains sidelined. I would give up suck allen for drake in a heartbeat.

Yea. I will go for Jones first, and if that doesn’t work out (I assume people will jump on him) I’ll offer for Drake.

Another stash I’m wondering about is Foreman, who is still available and coming back week 7 I believe.

Pay up for Jones. If i saw jones on my waivers right now and I was a team that needed an RB, I’d be willing to spend 40-50+.