Pull the Trigger? Drop DJ for Greg Olsen?

Hi all,

I think I can do this and add/drop directly into an IR spot on ESPN. If not, then this whole question is pointless.

Current situation: 4-4 and one of the barely making the playoff teams as of now in a PPR league. I need to keep winning to get in, I think 3 more wins in 5 weeks will lock me in, but I have a pretty tough schedule going forward.

Is it time to drop DJ after Arians says he’s doubful to return? If so, I’m thinking of putting Olsen in his place on IR as a TE stash. I have Ertz now, but if Olsen will be 80% as good, maybe I can package Ertz, or even Olsen, for something.

Even better is someone sees the name on the waiver, they might scoop him up. Maybe the Danny Woodhead owner will drop him for DJ and I can scoop up Woodhead.

Thanks for the advice!

Small update. I am going to try and package DJ with a RB2/3 for a better RB2.

if this doesn’t work, see above.