Pulled a robbery

Traded away Jared Cook and Sterling Sherperd for Gronk yesterday to an 0-4 team.

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Ehhhh Gronk is starting to become pretty injury prone not saying hes not a great player just he has down sides. Also SS is really having a good year rn since hes getting less coverage with OBJ there and Cook has had great games. i wouldn’t call this a robbery.

It’s a great pull. Anytime I can get out of relying on Eli’s 3rd or 4th option it’s a W. Yesterday’s game against the Colts should show you exactly how much of an impact having Edelman on the field could do for Gronks value, and that’s literally with 0 practice time this week. He should be the TE1 rest of season.

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It’s worth the investment to me. Cook is the TE1 right now, but in all likelihood Gronk will finish the season at the TE1 (barring injury).
Shepard is a nice receiver, but he’s not the 1st option on the team. Unless both Odell & Barkley join Engram on the sidelines, I see Shepard’s production being easily replaceable.

You must be the dude I traded with. haha jk but seriously, I already profited from Jared Cook’s ceiling monster weeks and am really deep at WR. I just cant imagine Cook outperforming Gronk in the next 11 weeks.

This is robbery. Congrats.

Buy gronk, buy all of the gronk. Gronk with a full patriots roster and Brady playing the way he is is lethal. Teams can no longer double or triple him with Edelman and Gordon on the field. As a pats fan, it’s a beautiful thing.

Go out and buy the best TE in football.