Pulled off a trade!

I was able to trade Juju and McLaurin for Kupp and Michel!

Feel pretty good about the move


How in the world did you get that done? :astonished:

That’s amazing. I would have traded both WRs for just Kupp lol

How high is the person you traded with?

Wow, i am trying to offload Juju now. Anyone know what I could get in return?

I traded JuJu for Ridley and McCoy…not too exciting but JuJu has very little value in my league and I would rather have Ridley with Matt Ryan throwing the ball than a third string qb in Hodges.

I have no idea!!

He was the same owner that just traded Zeke for Josh Jacobs… soooooo

sweet baby jesus…this owner has absolutely no clue how to value players. All he is doing is chasing points lol. Wish i had someone like this in my league.

I made a trade with this same owner after week 3 where I got Michael Thomas for Josh Gordon and DJax

Can I play in your league…