Pulling my hair out!

So many (Q)'s can’t decide what to do. (LOL…pardon the rhyme…wasn’t intended that way)


QB: Cousins
RB: McCoy (Q), Kamara
WR: Thielen (Q), R Anderson
TE: Rudolph (Q)
FLEX: McKinnon (Q)


QB: Alex Smith
RB: Duke
WR: Woods (Q), JuJu, DeDe

PPR. Really appreciate any thoughts here. Thanks in advance my friends!!!

I think your fine as long as everyone is healthy… Only switch i might make is starting Dede over Mckinnon as i think he has a nice game against an Easy D

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Thanks a mil for the feedback @Fr0sty11. Yeah, that’s my dilemma. So many (Q)'s. I know generally speaking that teams have to announce who’s not playing 90 mins before kick-off so just trying to decide ahead of time who to throw in for each questionable if they don’t end up playing. And I do appreciate the Dede for McKinnon input. Been back and forth on that one myself.

Also…been kinda torn over starting R Anderson or Woods. Any thoughts on that?

I think you got to go Anderson. Initial Reaction after Mccowan injury is Robby is prob unplayable now. But ive heard it on two different podcasts this week. As the Jets new QB had quite the repour with Anderson last year and should be his main target. Kinda like Matt morre hyper targets Kenny stills.

So id say Anderson this week.

Next week I’d prob lean woods as I would like to see 1 game of woods before i start him to see how he is used now.

Cool!!! That was my thinking as well. Just kinda reassuring to hear that someone else is leaning with those same thoughts. Yeah, I heard the same thing, that Petty and Anderson had a rapport long before this. As for Woods…I’m usually on the same page with you…after a bad injury always a little leary on those “first time back bust outs”. Thanks again @Fr0sty11!!!