Punishment issues

So our league is having a debate about the last place punishment. Our last place team in the regular season won every game in the toilet bowl and now thinks that should count towards record the way the playoffs count for the winner. If it does last place moves to a 3 way tie for 3rd to last and avoids punishment. Nothing was clearly stated at the start of the year on this so if it was you guys do you count toilet bowl wins for overall standings at the end?

Wearing a dress to the first home game of the year is the punishment btw

Punishment is hard to enforce if it wasn’t clear at the outset. That being said, I would lean to using the final (playoff) results. I was the top seed going into the playoffs in one of my leagues, but lost the title game. Therefore, I am the #2 team on the year. Everyone knew there were playoffs to determine final placement. If there was going to be a punishment for being last, I would reward the team that tried to avoid that by playing the last few weeks.

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I voted to not have it that way for the guy but it was only him and I of the 10 man league. I think as long as your matched up and scores happen you count that towards the record. Kinda like you said the playoffs still determine who wins it should also determine the actual last place

How is the rule written currently? Can you provide the bylaw/document?

theres no documentation at all. Just basically a general agreement to not take last. I joined it this year and never really heard anything besides dont lose. there wasnt much explanation at the start and that was to someone who was new.

If that’s the case then it’s pretty hard to enforce any punishment (or any rule). I guess no one wears a dress this year!

Tell your commish to start a google doc.

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I think if i stay in it im going to try to take over commish and fix some things like this.


Stick with no punishment for this year. Or just have the reg season and playoff last place finishers take a nasty shot each at the draft or buy a beer and chug at the game… this year.

In the future, once regular season ends, have a toilet bowl playoff where ultimate loser wears the dress. Keeps it interesting for everyone for the whole season. :+1:

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In our league, last place (after week 16) has to wear a t-shirt that gets custom made and all the players in the league sign it. We have a group chat with all of the players and it was decided there that the loser has to wear the shirt on superbowl and draft day.

Not sure if that helps any.