Punishment Time

What are some of the best league punishments for last place finishers? We currently have a 3 week loser’s bracket with the two losers squaring off in the “poop bowl” with a challenging or semi-painful or humiliating punishment having to be performed by the loser each year. So far our losers have eaten a ghost pepper, been tazed with a common self-defense tazer, paintball operation game (play the game of operation and every time the buzzer is activated a paintball is fired into your back, and finally wax striped where the other members are allowed one stripe location of their choice. We do an annual cabin weekend each spring where the punishments are carried out so it doesn’t have to continue along the previous seasons punishments theme of pain and could be more humiliation. Let me know what you all think?

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I always liked the guys that stands out at a busy intersection holding a sign that says “I suck at fantasy football”, or something along those lines.

Probably wearing something that he/she wouldn’t normally be wearing.


The idea has been thrown around that they have to hold a sign for money dressed in some get-up until they collect $20.

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I started started a league where the decision was made that last place finishers have to run the 40 yd dash and perform the Wonderlic after shotgunning a beer. Results to be posted on the loser trophy.

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