Punting TE this week

i have Kittle on Bye this week and all week i have been stalling on picking up a tight end to throw out there. There is a bunch of nonsense on waivers. I would have to cut either: G. Tate, M. Hardman, R. Penny, M. Williams, Du. Johnson on my bench currently with D Jax on IR. Should i drop someone to pick up the likes of T. Eifert. V. Davis, Doyle, Fant, or Knox or just punt the position this week?

Assuming he stays there, you could wait and see what you need if anything and get eifert on monday

If you do need to add one, it’s likely Duke Johnson is who you can drop

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Davis may have a good matchup, but question is who to drop.

I have until 9 pm tonight to decide or i am locked into Eifert on Monday night. VD is out there but who to drop is the question…