Pursue Kamara before deadline?

I own Drew Brees and Michael Thomas in 10 team PPR.

I normally don’t like rostering so many players from the same team but should I go after Kamara?

He’s been excellent in PPR and the Saints offense in general has been rolling. With all 3 I could double up on points left and right.

I have K. Hunt and though I love his potential and what he’s done early in the year, it’s hard to ignore his down swing and how under utilized he is in the offense right now.

Would it be too drastic to try and trade Hunt for Kamara?

Also worth mentioning I’m 7-2 and tied for first.

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If the Kamara owner is asking for hunt I think he is asking too much.
I would also be worried that Saints have a down game during the fantasy playoffs.

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He’s not asking. And in all likelihood I can see him not accepting. I was gonna attempt to offer it to him as a last second trade push.

So you’re saying giving up Hunt would be too much?

Rest of my teams is

Gordon, Hunt, McKinnon, Mixon, Abdullah, McFadden
M. Thomas, Baldwin, K. Benjamin, E. Sanders, A. Cooper
D. Walker, H. Henry

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Yeah I think I would sit tight.


Would Kamara be worth McKinnon and a WR?

I only mentioned Hunt because he’s beginning to worry me. And the team I’d be trading with has hard times losing D. Johnson so Kamara is basically his RB1 so I figured he’d want something good in return.

Maybe I’m panicking too quick on Hunt but the thought of Brees x Thomas x Kamara points sounded extremely tempting.

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I don’t know. You’re deep at wr but they are all startable. If you know your never going to start one of your wr maybe throw him in. Maybe try Mckinnon straight up first and see if he counters.

I see what your saying about Hunt recently. I wouldn’t panic he does have a pretty light sched. after the bye. Giants Bills Jets Raiders Chargers Dolphins.


His ROS is the only thing keeping me hanging on with Hunt. And hopefully during the bye Andy Reid will realize how they are under utilizing him lately.

Thomas and Baldwin are my WRs 1and 2 and soemtimes rotate in Benjamin and Cooper. Basically anyone but Thomas and Baldwin I’m fine with moving.

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I was pretty desperate for a QB and scared of a second half decline for fitz. Yesterday I dealt fitz and Kamara for Goff and Evans.

Not sure if this helps but that was the type of value I got for him


Thanks for the suggestions!