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Pursue Tyreek Hill?


Hey guys,

I was thinking of going after tyreek hill. Do you think I should offer keenan allen and duke johnson jr? Or is that too much to give?


That"s a tough call- In my main league i have them both and benched Allen {SHOULDER AND MATCHUP} for Garcon and they face a tough Denver defense twice a year-But that being said Hill has taken alot of hits so far this year and he is not that big a player-He is not your typical WR1-I would just do a 1 for 1 trade if ya want to-I like Allens volume over Hill-Just my opinion-


yeah, i agree. I like allen’s volume but hill seems to be getting so much points on that explosive offense


For me, since I have Allen as well, I’m a believer in Allen getting his eventually. I think this W they just got vs Denver will be a huge spark for the Chargers psyche and motivation. The shoulder doesn’t bother me as much as Hills durability bothers me. It’s a tough one though because Hills big play potential and the fact players in our league you get points for KR/PR TDs is quite hard to pass up.