Pursuing Thielen

Full PPR. How far would you go for Thielen?
Im thinking of offering Tyreek and Breida (hes RB needy)… I dont think hed accept that trade though and Im not sure I want to go Tyreek and a guy like Ingram… I gues it depends on how you feel about Tyreek and whether or not you think Thielen keeps this up…

As a theilen owner, I’d reject that breida trade and look to waivers for basically the same caliber rb then keep the no1 wr in the league

You can find RB2’s on your waivers?

The guy who has Thielen offered me a trade for Dion Lewis. Gonna offer him Julio and Dion for Thielen. Doubt he takes it but worth a shot.

I mean I like Ito smith who he could’ve got, Corey clement he could’ve got, there’s RBs all over he could’ve picked up. I just know I wouldn’t give up the best reciever in the league for tyreek, almost 70 of his points came in two games, I wouldn’t want him.

Julio, I would be into but I’m not into breida all like that

Tyreek has the bigger name value imo… I totally get the argument… like if he just likes the shiny allure of 45 point games… like he has Hopkins and AJ as well and still talks about Thielen as his WR3 lol… Adams is another guy like that… someone nobody is talking about but is the #2 WR in PPR PPG.

im 4-2 i just traded diggs tate dj and clement to the thielan owner who is 1-5 for thielan lindsay fournette

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Dude if you can finesse thielen away for pennies on the dollar, by all means try. I just don’t think it’s a fair offer. Like me personally I have Thielen, Adams and Obj is my third string. And I’d probably be willing to do an obj trade for hill instead of theilen. Only way I’m giving up thielen is for a stud RB.

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