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Put these WRs in Order


Full PPR:

Tyreek Hill
Josh Gordon
Allen Robinson
Marvin Jones
Chris Hogan

Im drafting from the 11 spot and Im usually able to start with M.Gordon and D.Cook… these are WRs who are typically available at the 3-4 turnaround… Hill being the least likely to still be there and Jones/Hogan are typically reaches who somehow still fall to 5-6 in mocks where people jump on QB… Im struggling with who to take here… Gordon scares me despite the hype…

  1. Hill
  2. Robinson
  3. Jones
  4. Gordon
  5. Hogan

It was tough to put Gordon this low, the upside is palpable but with the information we currently have I’m staying away. I think Jones has the lowest ceiling of any of these 3, but is probably a stable pick, though he was pretty mediocre two years ago. Hogan carries a ton of upside and will probably cost the least. Robinson and Hill are both beasts, but still carry question marks.


If Robinson or Hill is there @ the 3/4 you get them.

I think there is more hype on Allen this year than Hill but both are fairly close to each other.


Hill, Gordon, Jones, Robinson, Hogan


in a vacuum, for me its:


for your team makeup though its:


subtle difference. i have the guys im more confident in their week to week performance ahead of the boom bust guys. going back to back RBs is what makes me want to switch to more reliable week to week points. so for you, my first choice would be robinson. then on the way back, ill take hill if he is there (wont be) and then jones if he isnt. hogan and gordon are both much farther down on my board, so those 2 are just spot starts for me anyway. so really i would still take gordon for his week to week upside over hogan who should be a consistent threat, but probably wont boom like gordon could.


Hill and allen are the choices here.I really don’t feel good about hill this yr but he will get u game winning weeks with the new QB.His td efficientcy should go down but hopefully not by much


Who is ALLEN???



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