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Putting the Red Rifle away?


I feel like I shouldn’t panic but I never expected such a monumental failure from Dalton against a team he’s done well against in the past. Flacco, Bradford, Goff and Bortles are available on the waiver wire. Should I pull the trigger and attempt to grab one or possibly hold on? I, clearly, lost hard this week thanks to Andy’s zero point performance in the 12 man league I own him in.

Rest of team:

WR1: Michael Thomas
WR2: Alshon Jeffrey
RB1: Lesean McCoy
RB2: Dalvin Cook
TE: Jordan Reed
Flex: Jonathan Stewart
Bench: Jeremy Hill, Jarvis Landry, Darren Sproles, Paul Richardson, Andrew Luck, Brandon Marshall

Thanks for any feedback, #FootClan.


I feel your pain. I picked him up since Luck was out for awhile. I’m ready to pull the trigger on dropping him for Bortles, Smith, Goff or Kizer but I’m thinking… he can’t do worse than that performance right??? Ugh. I also just lost David Johnson it looks like. Rough start to the season.


I’m in the same boat. Had him in 3 of my leagues and he got me -4 points in one of them. Even the garbage man can get me more points than that. I have no problem dropping him if the matchup is good for another QB and based on his performance this week, I don’t think anyone will pick him up.


I have Hunt as my starting RB2 and might lose my week 'cause of Dalton… ohhhh man hopefully Gordon has a big night


Same here brotha. I am going to drop Dalton and hopefully get Stafford who is on my waiver wire. Luckily I should still win depending on D Thomas & Keenan Allen to come through for me.


Honestly I’d keep Dalton for one more week. He can only go up in my opinion. Bortles just pooped on the texans, lets see how he does this week. Don’t be so fast to drop him. Remember, Brady had 0 TDs last week, Wilson had no TDs (I’m not comparing him to them) but he will rebound.


Thanks for the input folks. I’ll mull it over a bit more before doing anything one way or another.


After this performance by Bradford…I’m…tempted. He’s just sittin there. Sammy Biscuits. I know the Saints defense isn’t great but that O-Line looks a lot better and Bradford is fired up. I don’t know…


I’d go Bradford haha I’m picking him up and playing him. I also have DIggs so it helps me out a lot