QB advice needed for Playoff Push

I currently have Prescott and Brissett rostered. Prescott has apparently forgot how to play w/o EE in the backfield. Brisset has a divisional matchup against the best D in the league.

Rothlesberger, Ryan and Carr are on the waivers - who do i target? Leaning Carr but he doesn’t have his two best wideouts.

I need a W to guarantee a spot in the Playoffs.

Any input is appreciated.

Id go pick up ryan and hope he has a decent day like 15 points or so and hope your team can pick up the slack. Or else roll with Dak. Maybe he gets back form tonight

The divisional matchup for Dak worries me but may have too. I am Leary of Ryan’s matchup against the Vikings but he has been scoring points whereas Dak has been throwing int’s.

I’d go Rothlesberger, Ryan, Carr in that order if you were to pick one up. He and Antonio Brown seem to have caught fire. I have Dak and would not play him due to how bad hes been and I wouldn’t play Brisset either.