QB advice needed

13-1 in regular season. A thoroughly disappointing first round playoff loss. Emmanuel Sanders killed me (started over DaVante Parker, Crowder, and Mike Williams - I know, bonehead move!). So now I’m in a battle for third place and wondering about my QB. I’ve currently got Dak Prescott as my QB but his consistency (Or lack thereof) scares me.

Matt Ryan and Ryan Tannehill are both available on waivers and I’m wondering if I should pull one of them in for the final game. Leaning towards Tannehill, especially with the Saints pass defense tending to give up QB points, but completely indecisive about the whole situation.

Any suggestions?

Welcome the Fantasy Footballers forum @SteveDr!

Sounds like you did almost everything right this year to get to 13-1. Don’t beat yourself up too much.

Who are each of the QBs playing in week 16? 4 pt or 6pt passing TDs? Any QB bonuses?

Prescott is playing @ Philadelphia, Ryan is at home against Jacksonville, and Tannehill is at home against the Saints.
6 point TD
No bonuses