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Qb advice! Who to start at Qb?


Keenum, Bortles, Fitzpatrick, Manning, Cutler??

I had Jameis and Deshaun, so this is what’s left to chose from. Unfortunate I know.


Cutler or Fitzpatrick. They are about the same to me


Bortles if I were you


How do y’all feel about Keenum?


As a die hard Vikings fan he scares me. They love teddy bridgwater and are looking to put him in. If Keemun does bad he might get benched. Huge risk on him :scream:


Yeah that’s the only thing that scares me on him, but he’s been balling lately!

Plus Bortles is playing in cold weather and is not good against the blitz and Cleveland has the 4th highest blitz rate.


I think he has been great lately. It would be a big gamble to throw him out there though with that downside


So you think Bortles?


Don’t go with Manning. There are mad winds in that game so it’s probably going to be run heavy. Plus Sheppard is not playing


Bortles or Fitzpatrick?


hopefully you didn’t play Bortles in that juicy matchup like I did. 8 points against the Browns, c’mon.


Yea i went with Bortles