QB alternative plans

I was set to be streaming Baker Mayfield this week and the panic about the weather has me considering my options. There’s no good alternatives on the wire. There are only four starters available - Kirk Cousins, Nick Mullens, Alex Smith and Jake Luton.

Would you go with Baker in a good matchup but situation likely heavily limits how good it is or risk Kirk Cousins on Monday night? He offers stream potential week 11 too which is why I’m leaning towards riding the Cousins roller-coaster on MNF. Prime time, what could go wrong? Oh that.

Any advice would be appreciated.

The issue with Cousins is he plays CHI, on Monday night (Cousins 0-9 lifetime on Mon night games), and CHI defense have been rough on QBs not named Patrick Mahomes.

Honestly, none of them are particularly exciting (Mayfield included), but in streaming one, I believe either Mayfield or Smith have the best match ups (on paper of course).

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I’d planned to pivot to Drew Lock. But he disappeared right while I was about to add him. It’ll be good fun though. Stressful

These are some pretty bad options to be honest. Horrible wind knocks out lutton and baker for me. I’m not rolling against bears CBs.

I think I’m actually gonna suggest smith. He’s got Mclaurin, a now healthy steven sims, Logan Thomas and two pass catching RBs against an awful defense. I’m not going to say I’m confident but he’s probably who I’m rolling with

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Yes its trying to find the best bad choice.

Fair enough. Haha also good point about the primetime game with cousins. Terrifying

All that I need is a QB1 score from Saints d. No problem haha.


Thanks for the thoughts guys

A look in to my own private hell for week 10. Anybody that has a tough loss this week just remember you weren’t thinking Baker, Smith or cousins at qb in a 1 qb league. 2020 summed up