QB - Am I screwed?

So, I did the late QB thing, and then a run happened like I’ve never seen before. I had just finished the turn (I was drafting #1), and then everyone took a second and in the some cases third QB in the following two rounds. It went from Lamar - Stafford off the board.

Lawerence was the best available left as my QB1…. Meanwhile, some nut job took Rogers, Lamar & Tua. (He took three RB’s, three Wr’s, three QB’s, four TE’s, a def & kicker.)

So, I left with Lawrence and took Lance with my last pick, in hopes of pulling something out. The only starting QB’s on waivers are:

Jimmy G

Am I as screwed as I feel?

Should I grab up Winston? Drop Lance? Wait for a trade when my deep RB’s and WR’s hopefully become a major asset?

I’m no expert but Lawrence plays the Texans week one. I’d see how He does and go with him or stream till lance takes over. All are saying he has top 5 upside when he takes over. With all those QB’s taken your team should be stacked elsewhere.


I agree with this for sure. You should have way more depth to your team if everyone is picking up 2 maybe 3 QBs. Streaming QB until Lance takes over would be my plan.

I agree with Kevin. Stream the position until Lance is starting. You’re in a good position. Lawrence Week #1. Start plotting Week #2.

Here’s my full roster (minus Blankenship and the Colts def, which I always stream)

Not sure how valuable Latvius will be. Is he third string? Maybe grab a sleeper. IMHO

Couple of thoughts here:

  1. I’m assuming it’s a single QB league, so why anyone would draft 3 of them is crazy. That is essentially a wasted bench spot.

  2. You’re not as screwed as you think. T Law has an easy first matchup with HOU if I remember correctly and Lance will take over sooner rather than later. It’s clear SF is done with jimmy g.

  3. The teams with 3 QBs will probably at sometime drop one of them as injuries occurred and lack of depth/options come into play.

  4. Stream available QBs during the season. It’s about matchups, so find the QBs with the best matchups. (Probably any team that plays HOU should be considered. Man did bill o’Brian screw that organization for years)

Just my thoughts.